Saturday 14 January 2012

Final day Details for Bevan's Run

We have now completed 5 days of Bevan's Run after a tough 25 mile slog from Wheatley to Beaconsfield. The initial plan was to stop at High Wycombe, but we took a decision 2 days ago to push onto to Beaconsfield in order to make the last day more manageable in terms of timings of arrivals at the Department of Health.

On the final day of Bevan’s run on Sunday 15th January, we will be setting out from the Travelodge hotel in Beaconsfield at 7.30am.
Anyone that wants to join us should meet in hotel lobby at 7.20am at latest.

We will be running to Central London via Uxbridge and will follow the A4020 Uxbridge Road to Shepherd’s Bush and the join the A402 Baywater Road, running to Hyde Park on the northern side. We would welcome Hyde Park runners to join us anywhere along Bayswater road by Hyde Park (ETA approx 2pm, but subject to variation! Speakers Corner would be good place). We can also meet people in Uxbridge, who are keen to run a bit further. A good meeting place would be on Hillingdon Road next to the Cemetry, adjacent to Brunel University).

I will be tweeting all day regarding our location.
We will then head towards Whitehall via Park Lane, Constitution Hill, Birdcage Walk, Great George Street, and finally onto Parliament Street and Richmond House.

Dr David Wilson and I will then deliver “Bevan’s Postcard” to the Department Health.

This will be followed by short speeches from myself, Professor Ian Banks (President of European Men’s Health Forum, BMA Council), Dr David Wrigley (GP from Lancashire, BMA Council), Dr Jacky Davis (co-chair NHS Consultants’ Association, BMA Council), Dr Lucy Reynolds (Research fellow LSHTM) and Professor Allyson Pollock (Queen Mary, University of London). I hope to also have an important mystery guest speaker (TBC)

Finally, David and I will run the short distance to Downing Street, to deliver another “Bevan’s postcard” to No 10. (Permission requested)

Hopefully, the following Monday morning Mr Lansley and Mr Cameron will then withdraw the Health and Social Care Bill!


  1. "Hopefully, the following Monday morning Mr Lansley and Mr Cameron will then withdraw the Health and Social Care Bill!"


    After 5 days of hard graft - still a sense of Humour. Brilliant.

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  3. Congratulations! I hope you'll make a good recovery from the running!

    I've posted some photos from the finish here.

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