Campaigning makes things happen

Campaigning successes so far

January 2011
Open letter to the British Medical Association published in the BMJ, calling for the BMA to mobilise the profession against the reforms.
This letter received a record number of rapid responses to the BMJ, which are available to read online.
A special representative meeting (SRM) of the BMA was called soon after the publication of the letter.
The SRM was responsible for the BMA’s “withdraw the bill” policy.

September 2011
Open letter to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges also calling for them to mount more oppostion to the bill. Co-signatories here
This made national news in the Guardian and forced a response from the Colleges, which was reported in the Daily Telegraph

October 2011
Another letter against the bill, which was co-signed by the President of the NHS Consultants' Association, Peter Fisher, made front page news in The Independent.
Another letter was signed by over 1,000 doctors was published the following day calling for the bill to be withdrawn

Other successes
I have won motions within the BMA callling for a public campaign to withdraw the bill. Just the other day, the BMA voted to oppose the whole bill and mount a rapid public campaign. We hope to see this start in the very near future. Thus, the BMA has abandoned it's "critical engagement" policy and moved to full opposition