Thursday 12 January 2012

Bevan’s run – Day 3: Tetbury to Burford.

Posted by Dr David Wilson, Bevan’s Runner.

OUCH! Today was painful.

We have now been joined by Dr Chris Burns-Cox (see pic below - Chris is old boy in background!), our support team driver, who has made an anti-bill sign for the roof of his car from the headboard of his parent’s bed. We left The Ormond Hotel, Tetbury (which is fantastic, by the way and well worth a visit) and ran to Cirencester. Clive was in pain with his left knee pretty much from the start, but somehow managed to make it with a concoction of sprays and painkilling drugs - a sort of dodgy from of chemotherapy. 

Cirencester to Burford was a long and painful slog on heavy legs from the previous 70 miles. My thighs were burning badly by the time we reached Burford. However, we are here now, and after an ice bath (it’s better than it sounds, though I expect most of Burford heard the screams as I lowered myself into it), and a vigorous rub down with ibuprofen gel, the world is a much less painful place.

We heard today that a survey of 2,600 GPs has shown 98% of GPs want this bill withdrawn.
In addition, an influential group of public health experts have made an urgent plea to all medical, nursing and allied health professional Royal Colleges and Faculties urging them to oppose the bill.  
It beggars belief that it is so close to being enacted. The politicians are just not listening.

Clive will be posting something later toninght after he’s recovered a bit more!

If you haven’t already, please sign the e-petition. It is now being endorsed by Rio Ferdinand. It has attracted another 5,000 signatures in last 24hours! We need to get it to 100,000 

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